Essential Oils: Getting Started

A few years ago I discovered the remarkable and diverse powers of essential oils, and ever since they have become an indispensable part of my daily practices. From cooking to skincare, cleaning, even caring for various physical ailments- I use essential oils for almost everything.

I started out using Young Living, and I still use their oils more than anything else. They are widely understood to be the leader in essential oils and are not only one of the most well established companies, but also known for offering the highest quality oils available in the market.

A newer player in the game is DoTerra, and I got hooked on them recently because they offer some products that are not available through Young Living (such as cilantro oil, which I drink in my water each day). They also offer therapeutic grade oils of an extremely high quality.

The best thing about both of these companies is that it is extremely cheap to become a wholesale member, which means you can purchase products at wholesale prices without any obligation to sell the products or even order again. Wholesale enrollment kits with Young Living start at $45 and include a great starter set of products including essential oils and even packs of their Ningxia Red juice, which is a favorite of mine! DoTerra offers enrollment starting at $35, but the enrollment kit does not include any product. Either way, the wholesale prices are so much cheaper that it only takes one or two orders for that fee to pay for itself. Plus both companies offer free product on monthly orders for wholesale customers and many other great perks.

Of course you can also contact me about ordering items at retail price, and I would be happy to help you with that! However, as I said, the wholesale prices are so much more affordable that it really makes more sense to enroll.

To explore enrollment options, check out my links below.

Young Living   Use sponsor number 3809476

DoTerra  Use sponsor number 4101842

If you enroll through my number I will be readily available to you as a resource for any questions you have about Essential Oils and how to use them to build a healthier, happier, toxin-free home.

May the oils be with you,


*Photo courtesy of Unsplash

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