The Powerful Practice of Setting Intentions

Back in the “olden days” when I was in high school and college I used to set specific, highly structured goals at the beginning of each year. As January 1st drew nearer I would sit down and map out the next 12 months, creating a regimented plan of action that I would  stick to like glue. Since I graduated and committed to a life with H, my life has become much less predictable. In the 4 years since we made that commitment we have moved 5 times between 4 different cities and 2 states. Between the 2 of us we have had 7 different jobs and obtained 3 advanced degrees/certificates. It has been a crazy 4 years- we have shared more love, laughter and adventure than I ever thought possible. All in all I am overjoyed with the life we are making together, but my 12 month goal planning has gone out the window because I don’t even know what my life will look like in 12 months!

A few years ago I started to replace my old process with a new one of setting monthly intentions. These consist of bite-sized goals and general practices that could realistically be implemented in the few weeks ahead of me. I set intentions around the things that are most important to me- relationships, health, personal growth, service and ethical practice, to name a few. Some of my intentions are kept to myself, in a sort of sacred secrecy that both challenges me and allows me to be gentle with myself as I experiment with who I am becoming every day. Others are shared for the sake of accountability and exchanging intention with others.

For March:

  • Yama of focus: Satya (Truthfulness)
  • Niyama of focus: Tapas (Self-Discipline)
  • To Read: 1Q84
  • More: Drinking water, movement, writing, saying yes, conversation, reading
  • Less: Alcohol and caffeine, social media, sitting, looking at my phone
  • Relationships: Quality time and words of encouragement
  • Service: Seek out organizations who are contributing positively to the world and spreading love. Support them with donations and volunteering where possible.
  • Health: Find a combination of supplements I like and take them every day.
  • Learning: Listen to podcasts during commute and morning workouts.
  • Mindfulness: Get outside for 10 minutes of walking meditation at lunch.

Do you have your own process of setting intentions or creating goals? Share it with us!

With Love,

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